Words cannot express how these practices can alleviate residual pain, chronic pain and stress. It's time to leave it all behind you. Come join us in a place of non-judgement, safety and peace. I practiced Yoga since I was eight years old. I'm known to be bubbly and energetic: I owe a lot of this to my personal yogic practice. I built GK Spa  for everyone to have the same OPPORTUNITY, for love and health to grow, so we all can be our best and enjoy the gifts we were given. - Taia, creator/owner of GK Spa 

Be sure to check out our new Whisper Lounge! 

At GK, we practice Mat Yoga and Aerial Yoga, and Chair Yoga at all intensities  and variations depending on how the body feels on a given day. 

We also offer services other than mat and aerial yoga such as Reiki, Qigong, Ayurveda, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra as additional ways to enhance your physical and mental well being with natural remedies. 


Our Instructors come from all backgrounds and are proudly certified instructors. We continuously seek new knowledge and experience as we grow in our practice and are excited to share what we learn with our clients: YOU!

GK's Instructors 

Shop fair trade, consumer conscious products from yoga apparel to soaps to crystals, there's a little bit for everyone at GK Boutique. 

GK Boutique

Serenity at its best

Located in the Cozy Town of Scotland, our studio offers both light and comfort to enhance your experience and is stocked with all your required props.

Enjoy complimentary tea and snacks on our private patio or in our lounge for engaging conversations or simply a moment of peace. We promise you will carry your experience home with you.  

At Gaia Kosha, we strive to unlock the spirit within you. With healthy yoga practice comes a healthier, happier you. We believe only then is your yogic path identified. Let us lead you through this wonderful experience.


Find Your Yogic Path