Stephanie, Energy Healer & Divination Reading Provider 

Leah, Mat Yoga, Teen + Tween, Kids', & Toddlers' Yoga 

Taia, Mat Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Meditation & Energy Provider 

Jennifer: Therapeutic Massage & Body Treatment Provider 

Adrienne, Mat Yoga & Aerial Yoga Provider

Meet Our Providers 

Autumn, Mat Yoga & Meditation Provder 

Our Mission 

Gaia Kosha's purpose is to create a community

of love, healing, balance, and support

to facilitate the physical and spiritual well being of all people. 

Through compassion, non-judgement, non-violence and grace,

we offer our services to the local community and beyond. 

Words cannot express how these practices can alleviate residual pain, chronic pain and stress. It's time to leave it all behind you. Come join us in a place of non-judgement, safety and peace.I have practiced Yoga since I was eight years old. I'm known to be bubbly and energetic: I owe a lot of this to my personal yogic practice. I built GK Spa  for everyone to have the same OPPORTUNITY, for love and health to grow, so we all can be our best and enjoy the gifts we were given. 

- Taia, creator/owner of GK Spa 

​​Mike, Yoga & Meditation Provider 

Tammie, Mat Yoga & Aerial Yoga Provider